According to the information published by UATV with reference to the Security Service of Ukraine, Russia carries out an average of more than ten cyberattacks per day on Ukraine. In fact, the number of such attacks has skyrocketed and even tripled since the beginning of the year due to the war in Northern Europe.

More than 4,000 cyber attacks so far this year

During 2022, the SBU stopped more than 4,500 cyberattacks targeting Ukraine. Moreover, even before the war between the two nations began, Ukrainian country repelled numerous major attacks. The Security Service of Ukraine jokes about this fact and considers these attacks an “education”.

Not surprisingly, the number of attacks increased significantly after the start of the Ukrainian-Russian war. To give an idea, Ukraine received around 800 cyberattacks in 2020. In 2021, the number has already risen to 1,400. If we take this into account the number has tripled this year…This gives us more than 4,000 cyberattacks.

What good do these cyber attacks do in a war?

This is cyber warfare waged by Russia and Ukraine.

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The Russian nation uses special computer operations to attack computer centers of government agencies, as well as energy, logistics and military facilities. It’s an important detail, because that’s what separates modern wars from wars of the past. Basically, it is about depriving the other party of obtaining resources.. Additionally, it would be wise to attack data centers.

“We monitor risks and threats in real time 24/7. We know by name most of the Russian special services hackers working for us. We are working to document them. After the Ukrainian victory, a block meeting of the international military tribunal will be held. Ilya Vityuk, head of the Cybersecurity Department of the Security Service of Ukraine. “Wait for them,” he said.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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