The Radio Research Institute (NIIR) submitted an application to the Ministry of Economic Development to organize an experimental legal regime for the transfer of telephone numbers between regions and the creation of a pilot zone with interested telecom operators – Tinkoff Mobile and SIM Telecom.

We are talking about MNP technology (mobile number portability), which allows you to port a number from one operator to another. It has been operating in Russia since 2013, but it only works within one region.

NIIR is the base of operators of ported numbers. According to them, 24.3 million subscribers have used the service so far.

Now it can switch from one operator to another without changing the number of one within the region, but, for example, when changing the place of residence from one region to another, change the person’s number. There is such a mobile slavery found on the top floor. If the problem of porting numbers between operators in different regions can be removed, then this one will also be removed.

— General Director of NIIR Oleg Ivanov

A representative of Tinkoff Mobile confirmed that the first tests were successful.

A representative of the Ministry of Economic Development told RBC that they received a request from NIIR and attached comments to them. The department is ready to reconsider the proposal.

MegaFon reported that the company does not meet the initiative, since its implementation “may be specific.” rise in fraudulent conversations and resistance to the cost of tariffingand for subscribers on long-distance and inter-operator calls.

Rostelecom said that “at the initiative of the initiative, a clear study of partial changes in the rules for working with the numbering capacity of regions and technical settings is required.”

RBC’s source in one of the Big Four operations also states that the initiative is geared towards the impact of risks. It has significant restructuring and upgrading of communication networks involving many old equipment costs. It “will not understand” how to route the call, in the end the call will be “lost”, and it will not work to get through to the one who transferred the number of that one in another region. [РБК]

Source: Iphones RU

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