Netflix’s plan for 2023 Those who share the service password will be charged. Currently has approximately 223 million subscribers, The streaming platform also needs to recharge over 100 million families with access through other user accounts.

The practice is pretty common, and Netflix’s monetization idea has been around for a while. To restrict password sharing, In case of using an account in another home, the company must charge additional fees from subscribers..

According to market expectations, the surcharge will begin in the US in early 2023. To apply the increase to the invoice, will be based on company IP addresses, device IDs and account activity.

The surcharge has been tested in Costa Rica, Peru and Chile for under US$3 since early 2022. Users must enter the verification code sent to the owner to watch the movie and TV series catalog until an additional fee is paid.

Netflix in Brazil has three types of plans. The newest and cheapest is Basic with ads for R$18.90 with 15 or 30 second ads. It can be used during programming and on a single screen with 720p resolution and without the possibility of downloading content.

Standard plan costs BRL 39.90, 1080p resolution and use on two devices. Jpa Premium costs R$55.90 for four screens and 4K+HDR resolution. If the surcharge for other houses to use the same account is kept at $3, the value would be R$15.50 at the current exchange rate.

Source: Tec Mundo

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