Xiaomi launched a crowdfunding campaign on Monday (26). your first MIJIA sub-brand smart aquarium. According to the Chinese giant, the device, which can work without changing the water for up to six months, has an integrated design with a 16: 9 widescreen aspect ratio. and even offers remote power capability.

Like any conventional aquarium, the tank includes a water pump, feed tank, filtration system and temperature sensor. Without any complicated assembly process, The smart aquarium also offers 24 white LED light points and 16 colored RGB light pointswith several combination modes.

The body of the Xiaomi aquarium is made of reinforced ultra-clear glass from the century-old Jinjing company, which guarantees 91.3% light transmission and turns the tank into a beautiful piece of design.

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HER self cleaning feature In addition to preventing the water pump from clogging, which, according to Xiaomi, only guarantees a water change every six months. It has a rotating stainless steel cutting head to cut weeds and other foreign matter, powered by a high speed brushless motor (brushless direct current).

The MIJIA app allows remote operation of the aquarium via mobile phone. including regular and stable remote automatic feeding. The resource guarantees direct attention to the fish, including personal lighting, even if the person is away from home for a long time.

In addition, the aquarium is equipped with a side suction pump for water drainage and a flow rate adjustment according to the resident fish species. The crowdfunding campaign, which Xiaomi is increasingly using to launch different smart products, started on Wednesday, 28 at a price of 349 yuan (R$264).

Source: Tec Mundo

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