The web version of Excel gained new tools to make it easier to use formulas in a spreadsheet program. Microsoft added automation includes formula suggestions and sample formulas To the software that comes with Microsoft 365.

The names of the new functions are obvious, as are formula suggestions. When typing “=” (equals) into a cell, Excel suggests which formula to use, for example, total, count, or average over surrounding data. Unfortunately, it only works in English for now (note that the use of “.” and “,” is the opposite of Portuguese, for example, the number 1.234 converts to 1.234, or 2.5 becomes 2.5).

This feature is nothing new to anyone who uses Google Sheets or even Excel with AutoSum. The real question is whether the tool promises to save the user more time.

Excel automation continues, for example, with the formula feature. This isn’t a huge novelty either, as it’s similar to Flash Fill, which detects patterns to fill the column. The new one analyzes the information the user has combined in the cells and creates the formula..

Microsoft has also released videos showing how the two innovations work. Payment:

formula suggestions

eg formula

Source: Tec Mundo

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