Dubai has abolished a 30% tax on alcohol sales and a license fee to sell liquor, Bloomberg reports. Therefore, the Dubai authorities are trying to stimulate the development of business and tourism, because foreigners make up more than 80% of the population of the UAE, in which Dubai is the largest city.

Dubai cancels 30% alcohol tax for business and tourism development

Now the price of a pitcher of beer in Dubai restaurants can exceed $15, and a bottle of wine $100. It is noted that this forces residents to travel to other emirates, where prices are much lower.

While the new measure is introduced as an experiment and will be valid for one year. The sale of alcohol will continue to be subject to the 5% value added tax.

Foreigners make up more than 80% of the UAE’s total population of 10 million, of which Dubai is the largest city. Previously, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates have already introduced a number of measures to attract foreigners to the country: a working week from Monday to Friday was introduced, the ban on cohabitation of unmarried couples was lifted, immigration rules were simplified, appeared “golden visas” that allow foreigners to work, live and study without confirmation of a sponsor’s presence in the country.


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