The 8-inch Echo Show marks this minimum price for the first time

At this price it is a smart speaker with no waste and less integrated display.

With this 8-inch smart display, you can watch Netflix or Prime Video, listen to music and view your security cameras.

Inside smart screens Amazon was a pioneer, but others like Lenovo or Google released their own versions. However, Alexa is a virtual assistant. most advanced of the momentAbove Siri and Google Assistant and this is the Echo Show 8 129,99 61.99 euros should buy If you were looking for one of these devices.

This smart screen has everything, it is not at the level of the new generation Echo Show 10 with a much more powerful speaker, but we are talking about a device that can be used much and much more at this price. Together 52% savings in this offer, when the lowest price is 74.99 euros, unique opportunity.

Echo Show 8 (2nd generation)

Buy the Echo Show 8 at the best price ever

Echo Show 8

It mounts an 8-inch panel with HD resolution and a powerful integrated speaker.

One of these purchases I recommend more to my friends and family. Without further ado, we recently presented the Echo Show 8 for a close friend’s birthday and he is very happy. And that’s it It’s not just a smart screennot a member of your ecosystem clever your house Your house is gradually taking the shape of the house of the future.

  • Screen 8″ touchscreen with HD resolution (1280 x 800 pixels).
  • Camera 13 MP with tabs to hide.
  • Speaker integrated (2/2″ multi-frequency).
  • Amount: 20 x 13.5 x 9.9 cm and 1 kg weight.

Alexa will be responsible for organizing your smart home thanks to his skills. You can add any connected device in your home to the Amazon Alexa app, from smart bulbs to LED light strips or robot vacuums, including smart plugs. Have Wi-Fi 5 connectivity dual band, no existing router can resist it.

Echo Show 8 is your ideal companion for cooking, security and smart home.

In its memory, we can install applications. content on demand Like Netflix, Prime Video or RTVE other music Like Spotify or Amazon Music. Also, if we have an alarm set at home or wireless security camerasSee live images from the Echo Show 8 screen.

at the top Integrates 4 microphones This improves the experience with Alexa, listening to music even at full volume. Don’t worry if you’re a little paranoid, you can disable both the camera and microphones with one swipe. This 13 MP camera will help us to make a video call Call yours or anyone else’s other Echo Show devices via the Skype app. We just have to add them as friends.

Echo Show 8 (2nd generation)

Other applications that we can enjoy with this Echo Show 8, in addition to those mentioned, are Audible to read audiobooks to us, SER to listen to the radio in our region, or Cooking surface to have a chef guide us always. This last option is a great idea if you’re going to do it. Place the Echo Show 8 in the kitchennext to the cooking area as it will help you with every step of every recipe and even show you preparation videos if available on YouTube.

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