That 26,800mAh external battery and fast charging sees its price drop fast

It is a battery with a capacity of 26,800 mAh, fast charging, an LCD screen, 4 USB ports and a speed of 18 W.

ADDTOP external battery demonstration image.

There is a wide variety of external batteries on the market, but not all of them meet the needs of every consumer. Therefore, we recommend that you buy it. excessive battery anyone portable charger Complete with features to adapt to any need.

We are talking about the external battery of the manufacturer ADDTOP. with an external battery fast charging and a capacity 26,800 mAh It will allow you to charge your iPhone battery on the go and avoid annoying situations where you have to ask a friend or family member for the charger.

Not only is it a very complete external battery, it’s also on sale on Amazon for 24% off. What more could you want? It usually retails for 38 euros, but at the moment its discount leaves it at an approximate price. 29 euros. We don’t know how long this offer will last, so… shake it.

  • Original price: €37,99
  • Bid price: €28.87

ADDTOP external battery

ADDTOP external battery: all its features

This external battery for iPhone, iPad and other Android smartphones or tablets, 18W power This speeds up the charging times of a conventional external battery. It is capable of charging an iPhone battery from 0% to 50% in about 30 minutes.

In addition, it up to 100 energy capacity. 26,800 mAh. It’s a real monstrosity considering the cheap price we can get this rechargeable battery for.

there is LCD digital display your remaining charge status and total 4 USB portsIncluding a fast-charging USB-C port that lets you charge up to 4 devices simultaneously.

“The high-capacity 26800mAh battery holds a lot of power inside, so you can charge your phone 8 times before you need to charge it again.”

  • Original price: €37,99
  • Bid price: €28.87

ADDTOP external battery

The battery comes with a USB-C cable and a user manual. It’s a great value and highly recommended product, especially when it’s at such a competitive price.

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