Managers at Lojas Americanas surprised customers and the market yesterday (11) by announcing a discovery. 20 billion BRL open in the company. These so-called “accounting inconsistencies” led to the resignation of company president Sérgio Rial.

“It is not yet possible to determine the full implications of the inconsistencies in the company’s income statement,” the trading giant said. The company stated that the amount to close the gap should come out of the box itself.

The situation also led to the departure of André Covre, director of investor relations at Lojas Americanas.

Market analysts predict that the brand’s shares should drop more, 75%, this Thursday (12). The devaluation may cause the shares to trade for around R$3 each.


While it did cause some panic among those with Lojas Americanas stock in their portfolio, news of the leak caused the internet to openly mock the situation.

Many have joked about the state of the company, and this joke is even “guessing” what consumers will do in the event of a possible bankruptcy.

Check below Lojas Americanas with memes:

Source: Tec Mundo

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