This year Beeline became a partner of the Skating Rink of Culture and Leisure in Gorky Park.

Various installations and art objects are located on its territory to create a festive mood and introduce Muscovites and guests of the capital to new chapters – appers. Appers, like beeline exports, personify the new tariff-constructor UP, taking into account gamification.

For example, an art object in front of the central pavilion of the skating rink can become a focal point for photo shoots in the style of the New Year. It is made in the form of a photo zone with a 3-meter Christmas tree made of bright balls in the colors of the beeline. There is also a high-speed alley of uppers with bright arrows to attract the attention of selfie lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

For delayed passengers QR Quest: by scanning QR codes, you can get additional throws as a gift in the New Year’s Movement 2023 mobile game in the user’s application.

The essence of the game: the participant chooses one of the five upper options and moves through the cells of the game card with the help of a die roll. Moving through them, the player can find gifts from the beeline and partners, as well as other game objects.

The operator also recalled that in 2022 a message was received about the poor quality of communication in Moscow. To this end, more than 5,000 new model chairs were built in a year, including an area of ​​popular seating areas.

Photo source: press service of Gorky Park

Advertising. The organizer and other details of the offer are on

Source: Iphones RU

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