It is very likely that you have noticed for some time the impact of your messages on the social network. twitter it’s not what it used to be (and the same goes for your responses to what others are doing). But your account is still active and so you don’t really know what’s going on. that’s probably what’s happening to you the company limited you, known as shadow ban.

And what exactly is this? That is, it is an action by the social network that an account performs some applications that do not comply with its terms and therefore limit the user’s online participation, but without clear evidence of this. You can say so This is a limited expulsion, but in the shade. This reduces the scope of the posted content, which means you can see the tweet but go unnoticed by the rest of the community.

Reasons to be subject to this limitation on Twitter

Well basically the action is executed violate some terms of use set by the social network for your user. Some of the examples we’ve mentioned are shared content that isn’t real; when follower purchase is detected; be clear that actions are automated with disallowed apps; and even the profile the person has is not fully defined.

Using the Twitter app on a smartphone


If you’ve done something like this, it’s very likely that you’ll experience a limitation or shadow ban at some point. And one of the functions this has, user does not matter and prevent them from deciding to create another profile on Twitter. At least on paper.

How do you know if you are shadowbaned?

If you’re afraid that your account has been affected and you want to be sure, there is a tool you can use to find out if this is the case. You don’t need to do anything complicated for this, because you just you should open the website in this link and write your username in it. Then click the button checking and then you will get complete information about the status of your profile. It’s that simple.

Unfortunately, you can’t do much to remove the limitation instead of contacting Twitter to explain what might have happened. Therefore, following the social network’s usage guidelines is much more important than it seems because otherwise you could lose a profile that has been used for many years.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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