Google has updated its clock app, available on Pixel phones and other Android smartphones through the Play Store, with a small but curious feature that you’ll love and hate in equal measure. The Google Clock app in particular now allows you to record your own voice to use as an alarm clock or as a notification when the timer expires.

It turned out XDA Developers, as well as the ability to add or select an alarm sound, and add a timer sound, there is a new button that allows you to record your own voice and use it as a replacement for these default ringtones. So the user You just need to access the Google Clock app, press the button and write down whatever comes to mind..

For example, you can record the sound of your pet, a scream, a song, or your partner saying good morning and asking you to get up (if you like trite things). The previously saved sound will be saved in the app and will appear in the Recorded Sounds section. You can record as many as you want and then choose the one you prefer.

The Google Clock app already let you add your own sound as an alarm sound.

In fact, the ability to set your own sound as an alarm is something that has been available in the Google Clock app for some time now. However, so far this was only possible through a somewhat more tedious process. First, it was necessary to record the voice using a third-party application, such as a voice recorder for a smartphone, and save this file to the internal memory. You then had to access the app, enter the alarm tones section, and select the option to add a ringtone from File Explorer.

Unfortunately, the new function of recording your own alarm It is only available for those Pixel mobile phone the Google Clock app seems to use the Recorder app, which is only available on the company’s mobile phones.

In any case, you can always choose a song from Spotify or YouTube Music to use as your alarm. If you’d rather wake up to your voice or that of a friend, you can also follow the process that Google Pixel users have also had to do until now: record a voice from a third-party app and add the file using the “Your sounds” option that appears in the app.

Source: Hiper Textual

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