Sber has developed its own software to install a banking application on the iPhone. The bank does not install Sberbank Online, but its clone, SBOL, which was blocked twice in the App Store.

Sber has developed its own software to install a banking application on iPhone

The software was called Sberbank Installer iOS. The service is provided in most bank offices in Russia and is completely free for clients, Vedomosti reports.

To connect, a bank employee connects a customer’s smartphone to their laptop via a cable. Apple then sends official permission to the device in the form of a six-digit code, and the laptop app is installed on the phone.

The iMazing software works in a similar way, allowing users to transfer files between iOS devices and macOS or Windows computers after being authorized with an Apple ID. This method of installing applications began to be used by many service centers after the applications of several Russian banks were removed from the stores.

In the summer of 2022, SBOL was released on the App Store, which served as an analogue of Sberbank Online. However, a week after its appearance, the application disappeared from the market.

For the first time, Sberbank Online disappeared from the App Store in April, the bank explained this by the imposition of sanctions. In October, the SBOL app was once again available on the site.

Analysts highlight the unreliability of installing apps through iMazing and its peers. Apple can close this loophole and remove apps remotely.

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Giving the phone to employees to install the app can be dangerous for the customer, as outsiders can access photos, messages, backup copies and other information, the experts concluded.


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