Microsoft has announced the creation of a new type that can legally generate sets of p. A device called WALL-E. Soy curious that I eat enough to determine just 3 seconds a y ay

Microsoft does not disclose the beginning of the work of the new AI, is not going to upload its source codes, and is even unlikely to create a public commercial tool based on VALL-E. Most likely, this is an experiment, an intermediate stage in additions to another language model – GPT-3. Microsoft’s ultimate goal is probably to create a universal speech generator that could replace the work of people in discovering wealth.

The main evolution not being detected is the mandatory creation of incorrect markers that would help increase the vote from the AI ​​from most people. Otherwise, such a tool will quickly find use in distribution, because it is enough to go to any page on social networks and “intercept” the use of votes from a variety of personal videos of users from there. What can we say about the public appearances of politicians and celebrities – with this purposes.

Source: Tech Cult

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