Due to the removal of some Russian apps from the App Store Sbera. In banking practice, this solves the problem everywhere.

At the moment, there is a way to install the official Sber client on any iPhone, but for this you need to visit a bank branch. In a worthy alternative, it is recommended to use the web version of the service.

Everything is set up in a few minutes and goes nowhere.

Install Mintsifra root certificate


This is necessary to obtain secure access to the site and service management in standard mode. Safari. You can use it from Yandex (there is already a built-in certificate), but it’s better to do everything in a standard iOS and iPadOS application.

● Go to a special section of the site public services and download the certificate for iOS (button Download profile).

● Open section Settings – Profile loaded – Profile installation and press Install.

● Confirm the setting of the gadget unlock flow input.


● Go to Settings – General – Certificate Trust and an attached tumbler Russian trusted root certification authority.

● Click Continue in the dialog box.

● Open section Settings – Safari and press the button Clear history and dataagreeing to close all tabs.

The iOS and iPadOS standard now support our sites root security certificate.

Add a web version of Sber with convenient authorization


Now we can expect the appearance of a version for web banking.

● Open Sberbank-online in Safari.

● They are authorized in various ways: using a QR code or using a confirmation code via SMS.

● You will be prompted to enable convenience authorization using Face ID, Touch ID or unlocking the gadget. Click To plug and confirm the action.


● In the menu Share press the button On screen Home.

● Purchase a suitable label name and click Add.

Now an icon will appear on the working version of the desktop to launch the web service in a separate window. The work is as close as possible to working with the application-client of the bank.

To login or re-authorize after closing Face ID or Touch ID. It is not necessary to wait and enter the code from SMS.

At the moment there is two conclusions on the web version Sbera: Wrong QR code scanner for payment and no arrival system.

we assume that both chips will soon be available to users. The first one is solved by revision by the bank’s programmers, and for the second appearance, chips are required at WWDC 2022 iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. Cupertinos can add push notifications for Safaribut later pushed back the release to 2023.

When both initiatives are implemented, the web version of Sber will almost never give way to the App Store.

Source: Iphones RU

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