This gmailLike other e-mail services, it has standard electronic correspondence functions, including fields. information and hidden. However, many people still do not know how they work and do not even know what each of the abbreviations means.

Today TecMundo explains the meaning of each as well as their functions. Check out:

What is CC?

CC is short for “carbon copy”, which in direct translation means “carbon copy”. The term refers to the ancient practice of using carbon paper to reproduce copies of what is written on the paper, while the chemical compound transfers the information drawn with the pen’s ink onto the blank paper on the back.

With the spread of e-mail in Brazil, the Portuguese term began to be used with the same abbreviation, but with the meaning of “Copy”. In practice, the function replicates the content of an email sent to all recipients specified in this field. Similar to the old practice used with carbon paper.

You can also reply to an email and add a new contact to the CC field. With this, in addition to being able to view the reply, this recipient can also keep track of the entire message history if there is this e-mail.

What is CCO?

Unlike CC in English, the abbreviation is called BCC, which stands for “Blind Carbon Copy”. Translated from Portuguese, it means “Hidden Carbon Copy”. However, in our language, the abbreviation has changed to CCO in e-mail services and its definition is “Blind Copy”.


In practice, the major difference between CC and BCC is that in the confidential version, recipients cannot see what other addresses have been copied. The function is mostly used in companies that send bulk messages and hide the information from all their recipients.

However, it is important to remember that only recipient addresses are hidden in the function. Both the message content, attachments and other email items are visible to all those addresses listed in the Bcc field.

Now that you know the meanings and related functions of abbreviations, you can start using fields in Gmail correctly and according to every email sent.

Source: Tec Mundo

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