A legal battle between landowners iPhone 4S and apple More than six years in the United States, it’s about to close. as reported by AppleInsider this Thursday (5), the plaintiffs and the Cupertino giant have reached a compensation settlement.

In the collective action launched in December 2015, A group of smartphone users claim that the device slowed down after the update. iOS 9. Owners said they were misled by the company as the company was going to confirm the compatibility of the smartphone with the then-new version of the system.

After the update, according to the lawsuit filed by people from New York and New Jersey in the USA, the 2011 phone has difficulty opening apps, hangs and freezes among other issues. Bugs and performance drops were also reported in other countries at the time.

Complainants claim that Apple has announced faster performance, longer battery life and other improvements with the arrival of iOS 9. update iPhone 4S.

Value below expected

In front Issues on iPhone 4S with iOS 9, users sought compensation ranging from US$5 million to US$15 million (currently R$25 million to R$75 million). However, Apple denied all claims and offered a value well below what was requested.

According to the manufacturer, “actual damages measured by secondary market price” would have been a maximum of $15 per device if plaintiffs could prove their claims. The amount equivalent to R$75 was accepted by the group to close the action.

Now, authors will have to submit their knowledge to big tech and claim compensation. according to this MacRumorsApple is expected to spend $20 million (R$100 million) on payments.

Image: Apple iPhone 12 mini

Source: Tec Mundo

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