Nubank app this Wednesday (18) night started showing error messages on common processes. Moreover It is not possible to block transfers, pay slips or even use the balance, including Pix. recorded in the current account.

The increase in searches on behalf of the bank on Google can also be observed using the Google Trends tool. According to monitoring site Downdetector, the problems would start around 6:50 PM today.

in tests done by Technology WorldThe app presented a “connection error” on some transactions, such as balance transfers or withdrawals. Messages to confirm data are displayed in addition to others saying “There was a problem with your transfer” and “It was not possible to load the information”.


Despite indicating that the user may not have an internet connection, this is actually a malfunction of the app. In another message, the Nubank app informs you to “return to the home screen to confirm the process is complete”.

Customers report restrictions

In social networks it is possible to find reports of users pointing out flaws in the Nubank application. In many cases, customers of the institution draw attention to restrictions when trying to use services such as non-working credit cards.

As an answer Technology World, the bank claims it was a momentary problem. “Nubank a short release When executing Pix transactions that affect a small portion of their customers on the night of 1/18. We regret what happened and We’ll let you know that the operations are already normalized.“, says the note.

*Post updated on 18.01.2023 19:56 with Nubank positioning.

Source: Tec Mundo

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