MegaFon analyzed the volume of traffic in all regions of the country and predicted the dependence of traffic growth using big data tools.

According to these data, the experts determined the territory in case of excessive capacity. As a result, operators increased the network speed by 30% in 24 regions of Russia by implementing a refarming program – frequencies used in 2G and 3G networks, in the LTE standard.

The load on the network operator is constantly growing: video content, applications, online games are becoming heavier. Refarming is a selected technical solution for increasing network capacity in conditions of strong irritation. It makes it possible to use the opportunities we have and in a short time high quality services for subscribers.

— CTO of MegaFon Alexey Titov

The 1800 MHz band began to be distributed only to 4G, and part of the 900 MHz skin was also transferred to it. The remaining capacity is enough to provide voice communication in 2G.

Also, due to the refarming counter, the operator has high coverage and network penetration inside buildings, both in small towns and in large cities.

In addition, the VoLTE coverage area has been significantly expanded for use in 4G networks. To further increase the capacity for 4G, two-thirds of the network of 2100 detection ranges were given, and the remaining frequencies continue to support the operation of devices in 3G.

The refarming program is fixed in 2023.

Source: Iphones RU

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