The Fall of Andrew Tate: From Misogynist Hero and Crypto Brokers to Arrest for Sex Trafficking

If you don’t live under a rock, you will know who it is. Andrew Tate. Even if you didn’t know him before, it’s more than likely that you’ve heard of the epic sass that the environmental activist Greta Thunberg put an end to the ridicule started by the self-proclaimed “self-made millionaire” on Twitter.

Of course, his subsequent arrest did not go unnoticed by anyone. In December last year, the famous influencers a right-wing extremist was arrested with his brother in Romania. Both are charged with rape, human trafficking and a criminal organization.

However, Andrew Tate, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, is known for monetizing his misogyny online and publicly bragging about his mistreatment of women. Join us in this sad story about the return to hell of the last broken toy on the internet.

The Early Years of Andrew Tate: From Poverty to Television

Emory Andrew Tate, an American father and British mother, claims to have been born in Chicago, Illinois. The place where he lived until his parents divorced when he and his brother moved to Luton, England. They experienced poverty there. As the brothers themselves said in various interviews, they remember picking up leftover food at KFC to have a bite to eat. However, over time, his luck changed.

Entering the world of kickboxing, Andrew Tate became a four-time world champion in this sport. The feat that brought him straight to TV through his appearance in a famous program Big Brother, in the United Kingdom. But his big-screen career was short-lived. Seven days later, he was kicked out of the house following the tabloid. sun posted a video of him hitting a woman repeatedly with a belt.

It was a “spoiled” pornographic video that, he said, “was edited to remove all the jokes and laughter” – after all, who doesn’t enjoy being hit with a belt? After a brief television flirtation and the fame achieved from the incident, Andrew Tate found refuge on the Internet.

Andrew Tate in Big Brother

Fame, cryptocurrencies and online misogyny

Not content with amassing millions of followers on his major social media, Andrew Tate created “Hustler University”. Community cryptobro with teachers certified by the Tate itself who, according to their website, will “teach you how to make real money” for a modest fee of $50 a month. Pretty good deal.

Along with this “subscription scam” he filled out their profiles misogynistic, homophobic and racist statements this made him a guru of “politically incorrect”. Until 2017, after the assertion that depression does not exist, and statements within #Me toothat rape victims were partly to blame, their online profiles were blocked.

Hustler University

But the damage has been done. Thousands of subscribers, mostly teenagers aged 13, continue to republish Andrew Tate’s content and incorporate his hate speech into their daily lives. With all the danger that this entails for the girls and adolescents who share their daily lives with them.

Andrew Tate’s first problems with justice

AT interview provided on Fox Nation, Andrew Tate stated that those in power were “silenced”. However, around the same dates, his name accumulated More Google searches than Donald Trump or Kim Kardashian. Between supporters and detractors, it is clear that shameless boasting of the most disgusting machismo has been a very profitable business.

But unfortunately, as expected, his online misogyny doesn’t end there. According to the investigation VICEIn 2015, Andrew Tate was accused of rape in the UK. This happened during his appearance on television in Big Brother, with the seriousness that program production knew. However, they chose to wait for the video to leak before removing it; downplaying the absolute importance of the safety of women involved in realityand those whom Tate insulted.

At the time, he was arrested on suspicion of sexual harassment and physical assault. It took four years for the police to turn the case over to prosecutors who, for unknown reasons, ultimately decided not to press charges. According to independent sources, only one in 100 rape cases is prosecuted in the UK.

Andrew Tate

Now, VICE had access to the testimonies of Andrew Tate’s victims. These women stated that He tended to attack them in different ways. during sudden outbreaks of violence. He strangled them, whipped them with a belt, or beat them with his fists.

One of them says that one day she woke up with red freckles around her eyes. “He choked me so hard that my blood vessels literally burst,” he says. Another is that she witnessed Tate rape her friend. Both state that had the crimes been investigated in 2015, they could have been prevented from continuing their abuses.

working method about the business of misogyny

These attacks happened while these women were working for Andrew Tate in his pornography company through Webcam live. Most of the girls were romantically involved with him when they started the business. None of them had previously been involved in the sex industry..

His recruiting methods are no secret. In fact, Andrew Tate has bragged about them more than once. Lots of alcohol, young girls and tactics lover boy Mafia classic. These are the keys to an industry based on the exploitation of women’s bodies. The one where a misogynist like Tate feels like a fish out of water.

Andrew Tate

In a recently deleted section of his own website, Tate stated that his job was to “get to know a girl, go on a few dates, sleep with her, and see if she’s a quality girl.” Make her fall in love with me to the point where she will do whatever I tell her, then show her the webcam so we can get rich together.”

The subjugation achieved on the basis of psychological, physical and sexual abuse, which no doubt enriched Andrew Tate’s pockets, left the women who were victims of his abuse with serious consequences for life.

Romania, the beginning of the end Andrew Tate

I’m not a rapist – are you sure? — but I like the idea of ​​doing what I want. i like to be free

Andrew Tate

However, this sex exploitation mogul, who claimed to earn $600,000 a month by working 75 girls for him, decided to move to Romania when I started to feel the pressure. After the emergence of the #MeToo movement, it became more difficult for him to maintain his insults and hate speech in a society that began to demand responsibility for his actions.

“I’m not a rapist – are you sure? — but I like the idea of ​​doing what I want. I like to be free,” he said in one of the videos, in which he explained the reasons for his final move to Romania. The rest is history.

In November 2022, after the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, Andrew Tate’s social media account has been restored. This led to his humiliating run-in with a climate activist. Greta Thunberg and his subsequent arrest by the authorities.

A story that ends behind bars?

At the end of December 2022, Romanian police said they had identified six women who were sexually exploited and forced to record pornographic content through physical abuse and psychological coercion by the Tate brothers. Both currently remain in police custody on charges of organizing a criminal group that stretched from Romania to the UK and the US for the purpose of sex trafficking.

The dubious origin of much of Andrew Tate’s money is also under investigation. According to the Romanian Agency for Recovery and Management of Assets (ANABI), $4 million worth of assets were seized from him.

Only time and the relevant authorities will be able to determine whether the story of Andrew Tate ends behind bars – although everything has all the signs to that. However, its content on the networks speaks loud and clear. A man who believes that women belong to him, or publicly encourages them to attack them, calling them “whores”, is a danger to the integrity of women and a threat to any society that claims justice and equality.

Source: Hiper Textual

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