The Belarusian company Gorizont told about the novelties at the exhibition “Intellectual Belarus”.

So, the head of the company, Yuri Preliminarily, said that at present there are already active sales opportunities for laptops introduced last year. In January, there will be a new line with improved specifications, as well as a gaming laptop. In total, it is planned to release about 80 modifications.

In addition, the company announced its first transparent TV. They are used on the roads of cars.

These are the technologies of the day after tomorrow. Such televisions appear in a wide range of consumers for maybe a decade. Today we consider such TVs to order, at a commercial cost. Their use in premium cars as separators between the driver and passenger is considered. Take both a transparent glass separator and a screen with which you can watch, for example, news.

— Yuri Predko

The company notes that now 80% of their portfolio is innovative products. [Белта]

Source: Iphones RU

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