Boston Dynamics posted on YouTube an alternating busy p

It takes place on a conditional construction site. At the beginning, Atlas, using a plank, arranges for himself the upcoming route, climbs over the boxes on the scaffolding, then takes the bag with light steps, after which, turning around abruptly, he throws it approaching the increase in the worker.

The pace, lightness and dexterity are amazing, with the seat Atlas does all these manipulations. In the final section, the robot jumps from the scaffolding to the box and completes its pass through somersault with mortar.

“We’re starting to bring Atlas to work,” explains team leader Scott Quindersma. “We translate that our robot should be able to use and manipulate the objects around it.”

Currently, the company offers its children two models – the one-armed warehouse robot Stretch and the four-legged robot Spot, designed to help firefighters, guard construction sites and even patrol the SpaceX spaceport.

Source: Tech Cult

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