Since the end of February 2022, many international brands have left the Russian market, others have suspended their activities. In this sense, a sufficient number of promising business niches have been vacated. RB.RU asked analysts to name the most relevant ones.

Analysts named the most popular business niches in 2023

In 2023, the demand for digitization will continue. Therefore, the provision of digital products and services will continue to be a promising direction to do business.

Natalia Magidey, CEO of startups at Sber, and Alexander Morozov, founder and CEO of the Geerafe Digital Products Lab, considered the most relevant niche: AI.

“The use of artificial intelligence allows the efficiency of processes by an average of 5-7 times. The main trend in the development of artificial intelligence now is the so-called 3M: multimodality, multitasking and multilingualism”, emphasized Natalya Magidey.

According to Morozov, the Russians have yet to realize the scale of the introduction of AI into everyday life. And there are great business opportunities here.

Analysts ranked second EdTech-address. Alexander Morozov predicts unequivocal growth of the industry in the coming years, both in terms of market volume and the quality of the services themselves. He believes that they will become more interactive and that the degree of automation of processes within such services will also increase.

Natalya Magidey noted that there is also a growing demand for immersive technologies using AR/VR and solutions for teaching children.

In third place in terms of relevance were two niches: Morozov chose agrotechnologyand Natalya Magidey- Martech. The Geerafe manager explained this by the fact that innovations keep penetrating agriculture. Consumers of such products are beginning to understand “the need to introduce new technologies to increase their own efficiency.”

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Natalya Magidey stopped at MarTech because the number of advertising channels and analytics tools has decreased, therefore non-standard solutions are required to increase the effectiveness of those that remain in the arsenal. For example, the trend of digital outdoor advertising continues to develop, including 3D, services to analyze user network activity and automation solutions for digital marketing.

The Sberbank analyst named two more niches: technologies for metaverses and Web3.0. These solutions have become popular relatively recently and do not have strong players yet. “Corporations are interested in opportunities for even more secure data storage and new formats for remote user interaction, but there are few startups that could offer solid developments in these areas,” said Natalya Magidey.

Roman Gorban, CEO of Corporate Games, also considers the IT sector to be the most relevant, especially since the state is interested in the development of the industry, as evidenced by various support measures.

According to him, it does not matter what exactly are the business plans to launch in this niche, since the IT agency, the application and the human resources in the IT field will be relevant.

“It is important not to stretch the development of a digital product for a long time, but to find solutions that are relevant here and now. For example, there is now a demand for apps to control CCTV cameras, as well as Russian social media projects to replace blocked resources,” said Roman Gorban.

In 2023, those entrepreneurs who reconsider the approach to business organization will enjoy success: they will be able to show mobility and adaptability, the ability to make quick decisions and redirect resources. It will be easier for new technology companies in this regard, as a rule, this is a business where there are no high operating costs, complex supply chains, large staff and serious income, concluded Natalia Magidey.


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Source: RB

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