Bangalore-based Ultraviolette is set to launch a new F77 motorcycle on the market. This is an ordinary device with a significant probability, but its price tag is high enough that the F99 model will be installed for advertising in the Indian market. This main advantage is the first ever high popularity of own motorcycle production.

F99 – nonsenalk and alcressed instances. Racers in India are also few and far between, so the appearance of technology is a challenge for the festival. Manual oven, everything is rented in the first p, and F99 is the same p +

F99 speed ceiling is 200 km / h, power reaches 65 hp. Against 150 km / h and 40 hp Model F77. The electric bike received a 10 kWh battery, which required a range of 300 km. The likelihood of excessively large options roads that are not in demand among Kindiheks. But they increase the export potential, which, at a cost of $6.8 thousand, makes it stable in Western markets.

Ultraviolet F99

Source: Tech Cult

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