We are so focused on our daily life, our routine, our comfort zone that sometimes we don’t even realize what we are surrounded by. This is the status of the most recent updates it performed. Google with two of its most downloaded apps. It has nothing to do with what we discussed on our website this morning regarding Android Auto, but it is something simpler. Much simpler and more usual.

Clock and Calculator updates

The truth is Google has updated their apps To watch Y Calculator. There are more than 2,000 million downloads between the two apps, which is no small number. Therefore, as smartphone users, we are today ahead of two applications that allow a number of essential functions. After all, we all used Clock and Calculator on our mobile. They come in handy when we need them.

This google calculator When updating to version 8.4, google clock Moved to 7.4 patch. if you have a cell phone Android and if the file wasn’t automatically updated, you probably need to access the file. game store and update them manually. However, we anticipate that there will not be a big change in terms of functionality.

What were the factors that changed?

Google updates two of its most downloaded apps... And no one notices!

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Yes, you can appreciate some minor tweaks at the design level and feel “innovative” as soon as you update apps. But in short, we’re dealing with an update that fixes bugs, fixes issues, and does very little. Ah! They also added a new section to the options menu. This new section is a hyperlink to Google’s privacy policy. As you can see, small changes that really lead nowhere.

Despite that, Google Clock has added a very curious function that multiple Android users will surely like. Of course, it significantly improves the experience of the app and makes it more fun. about this save option to use sounds as alarm sound. Do you want your dog to howl to wake you up in the morning so you don’t miss work? Hit record and use it as alarm sound.

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