An excellent course, excellent prices and a bunch of goods delivered from Russia – what else do we need? All this is already here, in our collection.

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1. Store Cachepo-Groot


The most popular pot on AliExpress as a famous blockbuster character. Does its job well and looks very nice.

Price: 116 69 rub.

2. Charger KUULAA


High-quality GaN-charging for laptops and smartphones. Supports low currents. Does not whistle even under bright lighting, heating of the rising sun.

Price: 2565 1385 rub.

3. Tronsmart bluetooth speaker


Sufficiently high stereo speaker power of 20W and 360-degree sound volume.

Comfortable shape is complemented by a pleasant backlight. And then there is Bluetooth 5.3 and a battery for 12 hours.

Price: 3763 2784 rub.

4. Baseus stabilizer


One of the most reliable stubs for semi-professional photo and video shooting. Suitable for iOS and Android weighing up to 250 grams.

The stair climb test passes, so it’s a very worthy choice for beginner bloggers.

Price: 13543 5417 rub.

5. Holder for smartphone 3C


Convenient wrist smartphone holder for wearing on the arm. Fastening fastening.

You can conveniently adjust the angle so that it does not interfere while running, and you can see the screen during other exercises.

Price: 1293 711 rub.

6. Marpou RGB Ceiling Light


A common chandelier for mounting on the ceiling or walls with RGB backlighting, controlled via a native application or a complete remote control.

There is a music color mode, there is voice control.

Price: 6459 3553 rub.

7. Chen heating elements


Universal heating liners based on graphene elements. Installed anywhere, powered via USB from any external battery or the corresponding port.

At the same time, it is possible to “warm up” even a hat, not to mention jackets, vests or shoes.

Price: 629 415 rub.

8. L2L wireless charger


Retractable wireless charger for inconspicuous installation in countertops. If necessary, open 2 additional USB.

It costs much more than the analogue from IKEA, but requires more powerful charging for the simultaneous operation of all elements.

Price: 1174 834 rub.

9. Shop ZigBee hub


The most affordable hub for connecting powerful smart devices using the ZigBee protocol.

Controlled through the Smart Life application, suitable for any Chinese gadgets.

Price: 2010 824 rub.

10. City backpack Fenruien


Popular anti-theft with a protected plastic “top”. Inside – a classic copy of Bobby, but the structure contains better, and protects higher.

It is worth noting inexpensive, although the quality of short-term use is similar.

Price: 5458 2073 rub.

11. GL Electric Toothbrush


Simply affordable electric toothbrush with a pair of included replacement brush heads. Works and costs almost as usual.

Price: 1709 854 rub.

12. Amazfit smart watch


Popular fitness watch in the format of the junior Apple Watch from the manufacturer Mi Band for little money.

Price: 14257 5560 rub.

13. Carsun car compressor


A good autocompressor powered by a battery or cigarette lighter. Twice as profitable preference from Xiaomi or Baseus, quality too.

Price: 1874 1218 rub.

14. ENCHEN hair clipper


Silent clipper with high-quality blades and high-capacity battery, you will like it for 10-15 haircuts.

Price: 926 749 rub.

15. Edifier Wireless Headphones


Good on-ear headphones with a high height, comfortable lighting and simultaneous connection to 2 devices.

High bitrate codecs are not detected, ANC is not. But the price is on point.

Price: 5345 2565 rub.

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Source: Iphones RU

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