A new fragment of the Russian Post database has been merged online, according to the information leak Telegram channel. Customers’ full names, real and registration addresses, dates of birth, and passport data are in the public domain.

In the Russian Post itself, RB.RU explained that there were no new leaks and that these are data from the old database.

A new fragment of the database of Russian Post customers has appeared on the network.

In July 2022, a leak of data from the postal operator’s customers was also reported. The company later confirmed the “drain”, but assured that nothing jeopardizes the safety and reputation of customers.

“The information about the new leak is not true. After the July incident, we conducted a full security audit of the information systems and there were no leaks from them. Our information security specialists investigated the database mentioned in the request. Attackers continue to upload stale data with record creation date substitution. This is a compilation of other information leaks,” the Russian Post press service told RB.RU.

The Telegram channel “Information Leaks” reports that there are 141 thousand lines in the database. It contains the surnames, names and patronymics of clients, residence addresses, as well as registration addresses, dates of birth, passport data (passport series / number, by whom and when it was issued). Also, some clients have phone numbers, emails, SNILS and IIN numbers.


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Source: RB

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