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Home Tech Philips Ambilight TV OLED+937 and OLED+907: Philips’ new high quality OLED TVs.

Philips Ambilight TV OLED+937 and OLED+907: Philips’ new high quality OLED TVs.


A few hours after the official opening IFA 2022 to be held in BerlinThe Dutch-born firm has unveiled its new range of high-end TVs, featuring two new models with an OLED+ panel and a third model to meet demand in Mini LED TVs.

Philips has retained the essence of the 900 series models by including quality sound system next to your TVswhich include the latest advances in color management.

The company has not forgotten about its Ambilight lighting systemexclusive to Philips TVs, evolution is integrated into the back of these new models Ambilight next generation with Ambilight Aurora.


Philips backlight demo

OLED+937, the jewel in the crown of picture and sound

In 2022 OLED+937 backlit TV It will be Philips’ banner of ultimate picture and sound quality, betting on OLED technology, partnering with Bowers & Wilkins to fine-tune the sound system, and introducing exciting new technologies. immersive Amblight technology which earned this model the Home Theater TV award at the EISA Awards 2022.

OLED + 937 will appear in two sizes: 65 and 77 inches.. In the 65-inch model, we find an improved version of Philips’ Philips P5 AI Intelligent Dual Engine, which makes the most of the laptop’s potential. Advanced OLED EX panel with heat dissipation system which allows you to deliver brightness up to 1300 nits.

This processor includes an advanced HDR feature that optimizes the processing of HDR content by displaying content frame-by-frame to improve its quality.

Philips has focused on the gaming performance of its high-end TVs. Ambilight TV OLED+937 offers G-Sync and Free-sync Premium compatibility. In addition, it has an on-screen game settings panel and a new feature Shadow Enhancer VRRdesigned to optimize gaming performance and image quality based on screen refresh rate.


The Ambilight OLED+937 TV is one of the First Philips Ambilight Next Generation TVs which, instead of dividing the LEDs into groups, allows you to individually control each of the LEDs, offering a wider range of colors and greater fidelity of the image displayed on the screen, offering an even more immersive Ambilight experience.

For its part, the new Aurora feature brings together a gallery of images and videos included in the TV, which are shown using Ambilight, creating an artistic multimedia background show in the living room.

OLED+937 image quality improvement is also accompanied by improved sound quality tuned by Bowers & Wilkinspermanent employees of the brand in its top models.

In this case Ambilight TV OLED+937 includes a 5.1.2 sound system below the screen. with a total output power of 95W for more realistic surround sound. A touch of style is provided by the Kvadrat Audiomix acoustic fabric, which gives it an avant-garde look without sacrificing quality.

New The OLED+937 remote includes an automatic backlight system. which is motion activated, the already traditional high quality silver finish and retains the luxurious texture of Muirhead leather on the back.

OLED+907 – Philips’ best-selling OLED panel shows its teeth

If Philips’ offering for premium OLED displays is focused on quality, the model just below is not far behind and features the brand’s latest technology in picture and sound quality, albeit with some drawbacks. smaller sizes 48, 55 and 65 inches.

In fact, Ambilight TV OLED + 907 uses many of the technologies of its older brother.such as the OLED EX panel with additional heat dissipation, thanks to which it manages to load the same 1300 nits as the top model, regulated by the same 6th Generation P5 AI Processor.

Philips OLED


This model is positioned as one of the best TV options for gaming, since, in addition to more compact dimensions and price, it has Game settings panel for Philips TVand has support Freesync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync allowing to present games with 4K resolution at 120 fps through monitor mode.

Sound quality is achieved through built-in foot-shaped panel below the screen offering 3.1 sound, 80W, tuned by Bowers & Wikins experts. This sound system consists of six front-facing speakers that face the viewer directly, providing a wide soundstage and clearer dialogue.

Philips did not forget to integrate Ambilight Next Generation surround sound system three-sided along with the new Aurora feature.

PML9507, Philips Mini LED bets on 2022

TP Vision didn’t want to miss out on such an event, and as they put on their best clothes, they also updated their LED range, and this time they did it with Mini LED technology.

Arrival from Philips PML9507 expands the brand’s Mini LED TV range. adding a 55″ model to existing 65″ and 75″ models.

The new link in Mini LED includes 6th Generation P5 AI Processor and allows you to achieve greater brightness power up to 1500 nits and gaming features that the brand will include in 2022 on its high-end TVs, offering VRR support for 4K resolution at 120Hz with G-Sync and FreeSync Premium.

Fidelio FS1


This model also does not forget about sound quality and includes a 70W 2.1 sound system. with two pairs of downward-firing tweeters, two midranges and a triple ring subwoofer supported by two passive radiators mounted on the back of the TV.

The PML9507 can also be used as the center channel of an extended sound system using Exclusive Philips Play-Fi technology includes the next generation 4-way Ambilight system and the new Aurora feature.

Philips Ambilight TV OLED+937, OLED+907, availability and price in Spain

Philips Ambilight TV 65″ OLED+937 and 77 inches will be available from August 2022 at the recommended retail price 3499 euros for 65″ model and from €4,799 for the 77″ model.

From my side, Philips Ambilight TV OLED+907 48″ and 55″ will be available from August 2022 a at a recommended price of 1799 euros and 1999 euros respectively, while The 65-inch model will be available from September 2022. at an initial price of 2999 euros.

Source: Computer Hoy

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