I am not revealing anything new to you by saying that game console istechnically a computer. It has a processor, temporary memory, storage, GPU… Of course: its operating system is designed run games. Or, at the most, video and music. But this can be changed. Either officially or by hacking the console. All this comes to mind because a few days ago an independent developer Red Deer games published in Nintendo Store from Nintendo Switch, an app called nOS that turns your console into Pocket PCs.

nOS is an abbreviation for new operating system. Very ambitious, but that doesn’t deceive. This is an application which in turn contains several tools designed to manage your daily affairs. Calculator, to-do list, diary, notepad, drawing board… Come on, with one app, you can turn your handheld console into personal diary or pocket computer like those who succeeded in the 90s of the last century.

And best of all, you don’t have to do anything weird on your Nintendo Switch. The application is available in the official store, Nintendo Store. Same, for sale until February 26 at a price of 1.99 euros – compared to 39.99 euros that usually cost. 95% discount on advertising for this exciting app, which went on sale on January 27th.

What nOS does on your Nintendo Switch

Its creators say that with us you can draw, write, count, organize your day and play whenever it suits you. To do this, this application mimics a vintage operating system full of tools that you will find in a pocket computer so popular before the advent of smartphones. And to top it all off, it also offers a puzzle game to spice up the day after work with a to-do list and personal schedule.

Otherwise, nOS supports customization. I mean can you change color palette the desktop, icons, and other elements on the screen of the app itself are not the operating system of your Nintendo Switch. But best of all is the ability to draw with your console’s joysticks. Draw, color and have a good time without playing the Switch directory.

nOS turns your Nintendo Switch into a vintage handheld computer

In short, nOS restores the laptops or handhelds that served as a bridge between the desktops of the time and today’s smartphones. Do not seek to synchronize information in the cloud. Instead you will have this available in memory your Nintendo Switch. And like most games on this platform, you can play nOS from your TV, in handheld mode, or in desktop mode.

You will surely miss web browser. But those responsible for nOS explain that Nintendo prohibits including this functionality in third-party applications. This doesn’t mean we won’t see new tools available on nOS in the future.

With nOS, you can create backgrounds for your Nintendo Switch.

Other hits RedDeer Games

Responsible for nOS are RedDeer Games. Indie game developer based in Warsaw, Poland. There is dozens of games for Nintendo Switch of different styles and genres. And their latest version is an application that give a turn to what you can do with your Nintendo Switch besides playing with Mario, Kirby or Link. You may already have a to-do list, notepad, or calendar on your iPhone or Android. But the drawing app will make you have a good time drawing and drawing on the screen your switch.

And if you like the offer for nOS, other RedDeer Games games or applications of the same type are Pixel Paint, an application for draw pixel art and with which you will relax pixel by pixel. Or Draw and Color: Kawaii, another drawing app. Yes indeed drawings of kawaii styles with very attractive characters and objects. You can find the full list of games on their official page.

Source: Hiper Textual

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