Based on OpenAI’s artificial intelligence, chatbot ChatGPT can pass the final exam of Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs with some academic rigor. This is the result of a recent survey conducted at Wharton, one of the most traditional business schools in the US, affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania.

Leading the research is Professor Christian Terwiesch, who conducted the research survey “Will Chat GPT3 Get an MBA from Wharton? An Estimation Based on Your Performance in an Operations Management Course”. On the tests, the AI ​​achieved concepts between B- and B on the exam, which is the equivalent of a 7 to 8.9 grade.

In Terwiesch’s assessment, the bot has done an “amazing job of managing key operations and process analysis issues,” in addition to its “extraordinary ability to automate some of the skills of employees with MBA degrees, such as analysts, managers, and consultants.” including those based on case studies“.

Can ChatGPT create undetected scams?

The findings of the academic paper, published Jan. 17 and available online on the college’s website, further ignited the debate among educators that this type of technology could be used to defraud academic papers. Following the worldwide impact of the ChatGPT announcement in December, the New York Department of Education decided to ban the middleman at educational institutions.

The analyzed version of ChatGPT-3 “sometimes makes surprising mistakes in relatively simple calculations at the 6th grade math level”, even though it had impressive results in its testing. which makes him even more human.

Still, Terwiesch underlines, the bot passes the test “important implications for education in business schools, The need for exam policies, among other urgent renewals, including curriculum design focused on human-AI collaboration.

Source: Tec Mundo

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