You can yawn or swallow to equalize the pressure in the ears and ensure that the ears do not lie accordingly. Chewing and sucking also helps (by the way, some planes deliver lollipops). Like children, you may begin to shout loudly, in which case you will have to swallow regularly as we just mentioned.

And you can use the “Valsalva maneuver”, which allows you to forcefully fill the middle ear area with air. To do this, it’s important not to blow too hard, while just closing your mouth, pinching your nostrils, and exhaling.

There is also the “Toynbee maneuver”: swallowing with the mouth closed and the nostrils blocked. The “Frenzel maneuver” also helps to lay the ears – here you need to close the entrance to the nasopharynx with the root of the tongue, and then raise it even higher.

Source: Ferra

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