Toyota France, in partnership with Douze Cycles Cargo Bike Corps of Burgundy, has purchased an e-bike with a platform to carry loads up to 100 kilograms. The novelty is equipped with a motor from Yamaha and offers a power reserve of up to 100 kilometers.

The two-wheeled vehicle has a cast aluminum frame made in France. One of them is very close to running on a platform that is very popular at NESKOLP. This is not only the transportation of various goods, but also the transportation of children in a special box based on an aluminum frame covered with foamed polypropylene.

Toyota bike

The design of the bike has a flexible system of adjustments for the growth of the owner. In addition, in the center of its maximum possible morbidity and pulmonary excitability. The 250W Yamaha motor is paired with a 500Wh battery and charges up to 100% in 4 hours from household appliances.

In addition to good running performance, the e-bike received Schwalbe Pick-Up truck tires, hydraulic brakes, an air fork with 80 millimeters of travel and an LED lighting system. The start of sales of new items starts at Toyota France dealerships in the near future. I don’t have much information on the net.

Toyota bike

Source: Tech Cult

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