Threats of criminal prosecution for practicing law without the proper license prevented US startup DoNotPay founder Joshua Browder from using artificial intelligence in court.

In the US, a robot lawyer was not allowed to defend the defendant in court

The startup’s CEO previously announced that the company’s bot will represent an alleged traffic violation at a meeting on February 22. However, later he reported about the numerous threats from “greedy lawyers”, so he had to abandon this idea.

Under Browder’s plan, the bot was supposed to tell the defendant exactly how to answer questions in court and how to build a defense. Special “smart” glasses and headphones were supposed to record what was happening at the meeting, and the neural network was supposed to send recommendations to the defendant.

Browder noted that many people cannot afford a qualified defense. Such “assistants” as a robot lawyer have provided serious support to citizens who cannot afford the services of a real lawyer. The author of the startup expressed the hope that in the future the use of such technologies in court hearings will still be allowed.

Initially, the DoNotPay chatbot was created for legal advice, it uses the ChatGPT and DaVinci text generators.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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