A good week needs to end right. For example, a selection of the most profitable purchases on AliExpress for every taste – for geeks and housewives, fans of Apple technology and simple lovers of useful little things.

All this can be found in our collection. Most likely profitable. Just don’t look into our Telegram channelto pick up the main surprises.

1. Goo stylus for iPad


The most affordable active style, suitable for most Apple tablets.

The battery is built-in, charging is USB-C. The stylus is magnetic and has a touch button on the end to make it easier to take photos.

Price: 2653 849 rub.

2. Xiaomi bluetooth headphones


High-quality TWS headphones with active noise reduction and very high-quality sound.

They practically do not have owners in their price possession. And if increased autonomy and thoughtful ergonomics, all questions suddenly disappear.

Price: 5862 2931 rub.

3. Eudemon window lock


The original device that provides fixation of the ajar window. often so that the child does not fall out – and the window does not have to be closed.

Price: 865 519 rub.

4. Youpin wireless mouse


Affordable compact mouse for laptops, tablets and PCs from Xiaomi partner on YouPin marketplace. Offered in 2 colours.

Connected via Bluetooth, has a high-precision laser sensor with a sensitivity of up to 1600 dpi.

Price: 1054 685 rub.

5. Prostomer polishing machine


High-performance polishing machine for processing “soft” surfaces: plasterboard partitions, bricks, plaster.

The quality is confirmed by many reviews.

Price: 7736 5028 rub.

6. Ewelink wifi relay


The simplest solution for remote control of any equipment and electrical networks.

Works through the application, but connects to the rest of the ecosystem, including Alice. There are options with “zero” and without it.

Price: 554 360 rub.

7. Dyplay wireless soundbar


High performance audio panel up to 100W for TVs (via HDMI with Arc) and smaller systems (via Bluetooth).

It is equipped with a complete control panel, all kinds of communications (including a slot for memory cards) and good speakers. For the price – a real holiday!

Price: 5776 3292 rub.

8. Launcher 70may


One of the most popular and well-known Chinese “cigarette lighters” for cars. Suitable even for an SUV.

And for those who have a full battery, it will come in handy in the video of a battery for a smartphone and an emergency lamp.

Price: 7219 3465 rub.

9. Baby hydraulic manipulator

wp-image-118008315 products of the week from AliExpress.  Hydraulic arm and the cheapest styluswp-image-1180084

Kit for assembling a manual manipulator with hydraulic control. An extremely visual system suitable for teaching and more.

Price: 2455 1620 rub.

10. Anker Bluetooth Speaker


An excellent universal speaker with high sound quality (honest 30 W!), IPX7 dust and moisture protection and Bluetooth 5.

Works up to 12 hours on a single charge. Reviews are only positive.

Price: 9054 6519 rub.

11. Hoco Wireless Charging


Affordable magnetic charger with steam bracket included – for dashboard and air duct.

Supports transmission up to 15W, compatible with MagSafe and replacements.

Price: 1559 888 rub.

12. DVR Azdome


An affordable FullHD recorder with good shooting quality, high-quality work at dusk and parking mode.

Writes to a memory card and broadcasts the stream to a smartphone via Wi-Fi. Can be equipped with a rear view camera.

Price: 5831 1691 rub.

13. Honeym stabilizer


A good universal motorized tripod for smartphones and action cameras. Read reviews – they have more than you can

Price: 14298 6005 rub.

14. Shop Table lamp


Convenient table lamp with adjustable color temperature, brightness and automatic mode based on light sensor readings.

Price: 4799 3215 rub.

15. Essager car charger


Compact charger-adapter with a total power of up to 100 W for installation in the car’s cigarette lighter.

It honestly gives what is required, simultaneously loading a smartphone up to 18W and a laptop up to 65W. Or a gaming laptop while you work.

Price: 1267 456 rub.

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