An agreement was announced last Friday (27) by the White House and the European Commission to accelerate and improve the use of artificial intelligence (AI). This is the first comprehensive AI agreement between the North American country and the European continent.

The purpose of the agreement is Use AI to improve industries such as healthcare, agriculture, power grid, weather forecasting and emergency response. With the use of AIs, governments can bring greater speed and efficiency to services and operations.

For this, governments will have access to more detailed and data-rich artificial intelligence models. The USA and some European Union countries, for example, collect information about the electricity grid and have to use it for a common model.

Despite group work, each of them keeps their data. “But we can build a model that speaks to European and American data, because the more data and the more diverse the data, the better the model,” a White House official told the news agency. Reuters.

Previously, the USA and Europe had agreements in certain areas. Among them, the White House and the European Commission signed commitments on privacy. Other countries will be invited to join the new agreement.

Source: Tec Mundo

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