Yandex’s internal investigation into the leak of source codes of services and programs revealed a violation of various company policies. Yandex admitted they were “very embarrassed” but confirmed that user data remained safe.

The investigation of “Yandex” into the leak of source codes revealed a violation of the company’s policy

“Yandex” revealed the first results of an internal investigation into the leak of source codes, which occurred on January 26. The size of the merged files in compressed form exceeded 44.7 GB.

In the course of the audit work, Yandex revealed a violation of its own policies – the “Yandex principles” and the “rules of corporate ethics”. For example, the source codes leaked to the network contained partner contact information, parts of the “Food” and “Taxi” codes indicated that some users received priority support.

In addition, the logic of some services was corrected not algorithmically, but with “crutches”, that is, suboptimal and fast-implementation workarounds. In this way, errors in the recommendation system were also corrected.

“Now we are very ashamed and apologize to our users and partners,” Yandex said.

The company promised to reconsider the approach to the principle of zero tolerance for “errors”, resume the formation of the principles of technoethics and remove data from the repository that is not related to algorithms and project settings.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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