Brazilian cybercriminals New type of scam to steal credit card information during contactless payments, using the Prilex malware. about this First virus in the world that can block transactions via NFC on infected machinesAccording to a warning issued by Kaspersky this Tuesday (31).

According to the report, members of the group impersonate employees of card machine companies, asking shopkeepers to perform a so-called device update when the malicious file is uploaded to the devices. When trying to receive contactless payments, the malware blocks the transaction.

The goal is to have the consumer insert the physical card into the machine to pay. Currently, Prilex captures the victim’s data unnoticed by him and the merchant and sends it to scammers remotely, card cloning for unnecessary useseven if it is chip and password protected.

Error message displayed on Prilex infected machines.

As the cybersecurity company explains, every proximity transaction, whether with a card or a mobile phone with NFC, generates a different card number that can only be used at that moment. Therefore, criminals force the use of the physical card, the number of which changes only if the plastic version is replaced or canceled.

Premium cards are given priority

Latest variants of Prilex malware used in this contactless payment scam, it has a unique feature. They can filter the versions of cards used, prioritize capturing data with higher limits than Black, Infinite, corporate or other cards, increasing the harm to victims.

Pathways followed by scammers.

To protect themselves from this type of fraud, consumers should be aware that the message “” is displayed on infected devices when transacting via NFC on machines.Approach error. insert card”. When you encounter this situation, pay with Pix or cash and check if there are any unrecognized transactions on the invoice.

In the case of vendors, it is recommended that they install security solutions on computers used to update machines and be wary of device maintenance requests made by outsiders. Contact the company responsible for the equipment before any updates.

Source: Tec Mundo

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