The capabilities of artificial intelligence are explained at an incredible pace, while they are becoming more and more average. An example of a chatgpt volume that has become a real test for d

There is no technology in this world. One of the key experts in the field of machine learning, Sean Vasquez, developed, a service that can generate handwriting based on typed input. Service access r h s s s s s s s s r r r r r r r r, it turns out, writes every bvu, based on dunurb databases. The service contains 13049 lines of text and can generate up to 86272 handwriting samples with a vocabulary of 11059 words. Unlike handwriting-simulating fonts, renders each text in place and can be uploaded to the form.

For now,, which is under development, is still quite “raw” and is expected only in English. In particular, he is still too tough for diacritics from other languages ​​(for example, in the letter “y”). However, there is no doubt that these problems will sooner or later resolved.

Source: Tech Cult

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