Dmitry Spiridonov, co-founder of the CloudPayments payment service, said he had not received any money from the Tinkoff group for his stake in the company. In January, Tinkoff acquired the remaining 5% of Spiridonov and consolidated 100% of the service.

CloudPayments co-founder complained about Tinkoff’s non-payment for his stake in the company

“I received a document dated January 13 in the mail regarding Tinkoff Bank’s purchase of my stake in CloudPayments. <…> I don’t see my 5% point-blank, nor the money for them,” Spiridonov said on his Facebook page*. – A fair fee for the 65th position I created among the 100 largest IT companies seemed a bit expensive for a yellow bank. Corporate conflict and courts – ser.

Dmitry Spiridonov himself did not specify to RB.RU what conditions Tinkoff had for buying a 5% stake. The businessman’s representative also said that “at the moment not all the details of the upcoming business conflict are being disclosed.”

“All settlements within the framework of the transaction have been made, the funds have been sent to the recipient’s account. All information about the details of the transaction and payment is available to the lawyers who represented Dmitry’s interests in this matter,” the Tinkoff press service told RB.RU.

CloudPayments did not comment on the situation.

At the end of January, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Tinkoff Bank acquired 5% of CloudPayments, which previously belonged to the co-founder of the payment service Dmitry Spiridonov. Tinkoff subsequently increased his stake in the company to 100% (the remaining 95% of the shares were already listed on the TCS Group balance sheet).

  • Dmitry Spiridonov together with Konstantin Yan launched the service in 2014. Three years later, the Tinkoff group bought a 55% stake in the company for 290 million rubles. Later, in 2019, the group increased its stake in the service to 90%. Soon after, Konstantin Yan withdrew from the project and sold 5% of Tinkoff.
  • In early 2022, CloudPayments decided to combine all business lines under the common Cloud brand. In May last year, Spiridonov resigned as Cloud’s managing director, saying he had made the decision to leave on his own, but the reasons were not specified.
  • CloudPayments has divisions in Kazakhstan and Latvia. In 2018, the service was the first in Kazakhstan to connect the Google Pay payment system.


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Source: RB

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