Alexa, one of the most popular virtual assistants today It can be useful in many ways, helping you search by voice, check the weather forecast, organize your routine, schedule reminders, stay up to date, and much more. Another emphasis is technology compatibility with various devices.

A amazon virtual assistant found in mobile phones, watches, lamps, smart speakers and more gadgetsbrings amazing features. With it, you can control many devices. smart House Using audio, it makes integration easier and more practical in the connected environment.

Products to use with Alexa

check below 6 products that can be controlled by Alexamakes up your connected home.

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Meet the Echo Dot (4th Gen): Our most successful smart speaker with Alexa just got better. The new front-facing sound design (1.6″ speaker) provides more bass and full sound.

One of the options for those who are starting to build their smart home is the line. Echo Point from Amazon, which brings the retail giant’s voice assistant built-in. The brand’s smart speaker, in its fourth generation, has a global design and various improvements.

In this way, the user may ask the technology to do research, Answer questions, read the latest news and set alarms. Another popular function is to play music available on services like Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

You can also use the smart speaker for control other compatible devices such as smart TVs, smart bulbs, digital locks etc. Note that it must be plugged in for it to work.

Image: Echo Show 5 2nd Generation
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With Echo Show 5 2nd Generation, you can set alarm and timer, check your calendar or news, make video calls, play music or TV shows with the 2 MP camera on this smart speaker.

for anyone looking the most complete solutionHE Echo Show 5 2nd generation is a smart display with a 5 inch screen, 2 MP camera and speaker. HE tool It performs the same functions as the Echo Dot and goes beyond including video calls and even games through skills.

on the screen shows movies, series and other content Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and more platforms are triggered hands-free with just the right voice commands.

And like other Echo devices, the smart display increases your privacy by allowing you to turn off the microphone and hide the camera with a built-in cover.

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Image: Smart Bulb, Positive Smart Home

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Adjustment and control of color temperature and intensity + RGB, cool white light for focusing or warm for relaxation. Choose the temperature and intensity for each situation and create the ideal climate for you to feel more comfortable. Transform environments anytime with Smart Wi-Fi Lamp’s 16 million colors.

109.00 BRL

Between Devices to control with Alexa, the smart bulb cannot be missing. Models such as those produced by Positivo Casa Inteligente, wide color range Creating the optimal climate for any occasion, whether it’s time to rest, work or rock that party.

Using your voice, you choose the best tone for the moment and adjust the color temperature and intensity. The device also allows to create scenes and automations to simulate the presence of residents during a trip, for example, as well as helping to save on the electricity bill.

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Image: Fire TV Stick

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Enjoy fast, Full HD streaming. Includes power and volume buttons and voice remote control with Alexa. Turn your TV into a smart TV with Amazon’s Fire Stick TV.

379.00 BRL

Amazon dongle is also compatible with the voice assistant developed by the brand. In this case, the user can: Ask Alexa to fetch contentstart and control the playback instead of using the traditional remote control.

The functionality is available in Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube apps, and you need to say something like “Alexa, search comedy movies” to initiate interaction. If you have an Echo line device, you can pair both. gadgets to access more features.

fire tv Has Full HD or 4K resolutionit supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos depending on the version and runs some of the most popular streaming apps.

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Image: Universal Intelligent Infrared Control I2GO Home

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Gather all your remotes in one device with the i2Go smart universal remote. The model is compatible with Alexa.

149.90 BRL

How would you like to save battery by replacing all the remote controls in your home with a single remote? that’s what makes smart universal control The i2GO Home line is compatible with infrared-controlled devices, including TVs, air conditioning, audio and home theater.

After installing and configuring, the owner is already use Alexa to turn on the television, adjust the air conditioner temperature and schedule times to turn these devices off, avoiding high energy costs. Commands can also be sent via mobile phone.

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Image: Smart Plug, Positive Smart Home

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Turn your electronic devices into smart devices and monitor their energy consumption Smart Plug is compatible with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, washing machines, washer and dryers, hair dryers, electric ovens, irons and much more.

149.00 BRL

Forgot the iron was plugged in and there is no way to go back to unplug it? if you have one smart plug At home, such worries will no longer bother you because the device allows you to remotely turn off (or turn on) any device connected to it.

Positivo’s smart sockets are compatible with all kinds of electronic devices that can be connected to electricity, such as coffee machines, electric ovens, washing machines, dishwashers. remotely control with mobile phone or commands via Alexa. They also help reduce the amount paid by monitoring energy consumption in real time.

Source: Tec Mundo

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