The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) under the US Department of State recalled the need that is already associated with technology tenders.

In a new proposal called “Ecosystem Competition in Mobile Apps,” the agency says this is necessary to capture the ecosystem in apps and for users to demand significant control over their apps. The current ecosystem is not an “equal field”.

The agency identified two main problems. Firstly, iOS users cannot download apps from external sources. That being said, the Amazon Appstore and Samsung Galaxy Store analogies “are currently not enough search options to create robust competition.”

Second, Apple and Google impose technical barriers that can ensure competition between developers. These limitations include, for example, limitations on application discovery and slow and opaque application inspection protocols.

And although in the latter case there are a number of advantages, such regulation has more disadvantages than advantages.

To solve problems, NTIA offers users more control over devices. For example, change the default programs (to some extent, this is now on iOS and Android).

You can also allow installing alternative app stores on gadgets. At the same time, operators of such services should not make a choice in favor of programs in search results.

Finally, companies should not be forced to use only their own payment systems. Users should have free choice. [Engadget]

Source: Iphones RU

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