The scientists proposed limiting the use of the ChatGPT bot in education; the reason was the history of a thesis written in one day. A student at the Russian State University for the Humanities received a neural network text with 82% uniqueness and successfully defended it.

The scientists proposed to limit ChatGPT in education in the context of a story with a diploma written in one day.

A proposal was made at the Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU) to limit the use of the OpenAI chat bot ChatGPT in the Russian education system. The university fears that ChatGPT will have a negative impact on learning and is concerned about the accuracy of the content generated by the neural network.

RSUH student Alexander Zhadan used ChatGPT to prepare his thesis. Neural network (edited by the author and configuring additional tasks) faced with this task in 23 hours, said the student on Twitter. ChatGPT wrote his thesis on organization management with 82% unique text, while 70% required, Zhadan successfully defended it.

“I think I managed to discover a new algorithm to create work. At the same stage of searching for information, I could have read different sources, but instead I asked for a squeeze from ChatGPT, ”the student commented on the situation to Rozetked.

Some educational authorities have already banned the use of ChatGPT. In New York, schoolchildren and teachers are prohibited from using the neural network on public school devices.


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