Russian companies have called for relief for foreign workers. Business ombudsman Boris Titov has turned to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova with proposals to ease immigration legislation.

They ask a Russian company to soften immigration legislation

The Commissioner for the Rights of Employers has asked to extend the validity of a labor patent from one year to three years and to introduce a mechanism for the rehabilitation of foreign workers who are prohibited from entering the country, Kommersant reports, citing a letter from Titov to Golikova.

Due to the long patent registration periods and the impossibility of migrants entering the country for minor infractions, the business suffers losses and the budget receives less taxes, considers the Ombudsman’s Office.

  • According to Titov’s calculations, the term for considering a patent application does not exceed ten days, but immigrants spend another 20 days preparing documents (a notarized translation of an identity document, a migration card, a certificate of approval are needed from a medical examination, a certificate of knowledge of the Russian language, etc.) . As a result, foreign workers take up to 30 days to obtain a patent and are out of economic turnover during this period.
  • The ban on the entry of immigrants for minor offenses also increases the losses of Russian businessmen. So, Titov notes, in practice, couriers who have violated traffic regulations several times, and the work of the agro-industrial complex, industry and construction for minor administrative violations, receive a ban of three to five years. The Ombudsman proposes to allow bona fide employers to petition internal affairs bodies to open entry to their former employees.


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Source: RB

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