Not so long ago smart bracelet Redmi Smart Band 2 from Xiaomi Announced in China. At the time of the presentation, it was not clear whether this accessory would come to Spain, but in the end, that was the case and this is great news because it offers what every user is looking for in this type of device: good nice and cheap.

The truth is, the wearable we’re talking about comes with everything necessary to succeed, and a clear example of what we’ve said is that it has a color display. 1.47 inches, which makes it almost a watch on the wrists. with a sparkle 450 nits and 247ppp pixel density, you can be sure that you will see all the information in great detail. Meanwhile, number of spheres included by default more than 100so it will be rare for you not to find one you like.

Screenshots of Redmi Smart Band 2 bracelet


On the other hand, the good work of Xiaomi’s products in the autonomy department is maintained in this Redmi Smart Band 2. Thus, thanks to the 210 mAh battery and the integrated hardware is not very demanding in terms of energy, It can reach two weeks of use without any problems. Plus, the magnetic charging system is extremely easy to use, which is always a nice touch.

Lots of usage options in this Redmi

because they are a good amount of sensors, there is no shortage of an accelerometer, gyroscope, and even its own heart rate among them. With all this, it is possible to automatically detect all common sports accurately and inform about sleep quality; the the amount of oxygen in the blood; and you can also measure the stress the user has by weighting the values. Without a doubt, it does everything expected of an advanced smartband today.

Redmi Smart Band 2 underwater


To all that has been said, we must add that the Redmi Smart Band 2 has it. Protection against 5 atmospheres of water and a layer on the screen to prevent fingerprints from causing nuisance. Also, despite all that has been said, the weight of the bracelet 14.9 grams, so you don’t realize you’re wearing it at any given time. In this way, it becomes the perfect daily companion even when playing sports.

Best of all, an incredible price

This accessory is now available for purchase on the Xiaomi website and its cost is quite affordable. Overall, you only need to pay 34.99 Euros to get a Redmi Smart Band 2. However, due to a promotion for its launch, the price now drops to €29.99 -and also, without shipping costs-. Come on, you rarely get more for less.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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