Soon OnlyFans creators will have new competitors: models produced by artificial intelligence software. The subject came to the fore when a user on Twitter shared a photo of four half-naked women and asked his followers if it was real.

Surprisingly, the material featuring teenage peers was entirely artificially generated. Soon, there was debate as to whether the future of the popular platform was threatened by computers creating more and more realistic sensual content.

Comments on the post showed mixed opinions about the sexy images created by artificial intelligence.. For example, one person said he was considering creating a fake OnlyFans account with computer-generated photos to make money from “naive idiots”.

For some people, Image rendering technologies like deep fake/DALL-e can destroy the content selling platform. However, other users claim that they will buy the images even though they know the models are not real.

Despite the realistic material, Ppeople who took a closer look noticed some flaws. by expanding photo of so called asian modelsYou can see that one of the arms is slightly distorted and blurred.

This is a very common type of mistake made by rendering AI. For example, some people using apps like Lensa have mentioned similar issues with distorted eyes and faces.

Realistic models in the fashion world

“It’s not about analyzing pixels to look for signs of whether they’re fake. The point is, the images are good enough to pass off as real,” commented one Twitter user.

It should be noted that recently, DMIx StudioAvatars has released a series of AI-generated photos featuring hyper-realistic models to promote their fashion campaign.. According to the company, the avatars offer a never-before-seen look.

Also, technology should provide more creative freedom for brands. Thus, it will be possible to customize the models with different outfits and create great shows in every scenario.

Source: Tec Mundo

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