One of the things missing from the show WhatsApp messaging app that power pin message in chatwhether individually or in a group. This is something that is possible in many directly competitive developments, such as Telegram. And it seems that things are very close to changing, according to the taste of users of the application we mentioned at the beginning.

By being able to do this, Highlight an important message in a conversationlike instructions to perform a task that is common to everyone (and even how to access different multimedia files hosted in the cloud). Therefore, we are talking about the most convenient and, of course, an option. Surprising it hasn’t been part of WhatsApp until now. Obviously, this is in addition to existing options such as pinning conversations to the beginning of the conversation or making a text appear as a highlight in the app interface.

An option that will be very important in WhatsApp

As it is known, it can be seen when a message is fixed in the chat, as is the case with the applications that currently offer this option. showing a warningTherefore, everyone will be aware of this change and will be able to access the data by clicking on the chat name. As a result, it doesn’t look like the way the company envisions will work very differently from what the competition has.

Pinning messages in WhatsApp chats


There is no exact data on who can set up fixed messages on WhatsApp but the usual thing is that it’s just managers can (to avoid constantly changing what is seen as highlighted). Moreover, may be a surprise such as having multiple anchor options or limiting the number of changes per day. Obviously, all this remains to be seen, as the data is taken from an internal screenshot of the app.

Something not very close to being implemented

Due to what we’ve just started, neither because it’s not functional nor in WhatsApp test apps, it seems this innovation will not be available to all users in the short term. And given how useful it is, it’s a pity that it might take a few months before it becomes active on the messaging app. But for now, all that remains is to wait and make sure it will happen sooner or later.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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