Often times the things they don’t like are the things that normalize, and that’s what happens on social networks. Beyond the published content, the companies seem to have made up their minds. make the free services we mentioned much more profitable. The starting signal was given by Twitter with the arrival of Elon Musk, but it seems Instagram can follow you right away when it comes to creating a subscription where it wasn’t before.

At the moment the company is silent, but the data is known when accessing the code for one of the latest versions of the Instagram application, so that’s when the surprise came. this is nothing but a possibility a subscription is created to receive the blue badge verifying users. So it’s something very similar to what Twitter did with Blue, and unfortunately as of now it seems like some way of taking action to increase revenue.

But the bad news doesn’t end there, as the same source of inflation shows: The same reference was seen for the other social network Meta owned: Facebook. Therefore, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg would see how logical what Elon Musk was doing in the world and would take steps to imitate him as a result. As they say ‘everything sticks but beauty’.

More data is needed to be sure of this

Obviously, the available data there are very few to approve That signing up for verification on Facebook and Instagram is a real thing. But in many other cases with similar data, the changes were ultimately effective. Therefore, we will have to pay attention to what are the actions taken by the social networks we are talking about, because the bad news may come early enough and they may realize that it is a way out. increase the profitability of its products, so as not to end the reciprocity of these products.

Instagram App Profile


It should be noted that for a long time Mark Zuckerberg It is clear that we must submit to a time. products that make money to be efficient and attractive. In this way, it would be a logical move to find it on both social networks… Another issue is, of course, what users think. The truth is Metaverse isn’t cheap, and you should pay it off in every possible way.

Creating different types of users on Instagram

That’s what actually happened on the two social networks, because those who pay would get what those who don’t have that possibility don’t. This has always been the case and all you have to do is look at mobile games where payouts are the order of the day to get better products (come on, gunpowder not discovered). However, effectively both facebook like instagram They would be as classy as Twitter and it is possible that sooner or later it will turn against them. We’ll see.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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