On the one hand, it is obvious that it was Apple who increased the share of smartphones by “before” and “after”.

Together with the iPhone as a result of the activities of a real revolution, turn the world around, and still maintain leadership for more than 15 years.

on the other side, The company is famous not only. She had plenty of outright failures that would prove to be responsible for them.

I dismantled the most obvious successful and unsuccessful iPhones, starting with the very first one from 2007. This is IMHO, you can argue.

⊖ 10 absolutely useless iPhones in the history of Apple

0. Motorola ROKR E1 (2005)

Remember that before the iPhone, Apple is suppressing the release of phones with Motorola.

A couple of years before the release of the first iPhone, Apple, together with Motorola, released the ROKR E1.

A music phone with a pair of stereo speakers that could sync with iTunes and was kind of cool to use for listening to music.

In fact, the device turned out to be quite inconvenient and not particularly in demand. due to frankly unsuccessful software.

The device worked rather strangely, was found in the collection of music and the collection. The first pancake turned out to be lumpy.

1. iPhone 3G (2008)

The device inevitably cracks its plastic case, regardless of how it is used.

After the incredibly successful first iPhone in 2007 with an abundance of metal in the construction, this miracle with a plastic casewhich almost everyone cracked at the top or edge, looked something strange and not particularly successful.

It is curious that, on the contrary, many consider the iPhone 3G a breakthrough, because along with it, the App Store appeared in iPhoneOS with the ability to install additional applications.

2. iPhone 4 (2010)

Due to the incredible design of the antenna with the “wrong” grip, the smartphone noticeably lost the signal of the cellular network

On the one hand, after far from the most prestigious body parts of the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs, the new iPhone 4 looked like a real breakthrough.

Glass and steel body and Retina screen. For complete happiness, the device had everything.

On the other hand, the device became famous all over the world as the biggest failure of Apple.

There was a clear design problem in the design of his antenna. Adult device lost mobile signal for those in need of a grip.

It is curious that Apple, plus or minus, recognized the problem. The company even came up with a solution to it with a polymer bumper that stretched over the side edges of the device.

3. iPhone 5, black (2012)

It was the black smartphone that turned out to be a failure, because the coating on its body immediately peeled off after purchase.

The iPhone 5 seemed cool enough because of the 4-inch screen that everyone has been waiting for.

To reduce the cost of light and reduce the cost, instead of steel, aluminum was used in its body. In the black version, it received an anodized finish. This is something like paint, which is perceived as “soldered” into the metal.

Apple uses this build today. But in 2012, it was wildly imperfect. Because of this black iPhone 5 peeled off on the corners on the first day after purchase.

4. iPhone 5s (2013)

The smartphone unexpectedly received a plastic case, which not everyone liked

iPhone 5c received a set of characteristics of the iPhone 5, the same cost, but plastic case and larger dimensions. It is not surprising that the models had few fans.

5. iPhone 6/6 Plus (2014)

Due to the rather soft aluminum, smartphones were very easy to bend even when wearing clothes in the pocket of tight jeans.

Of course, intentionally, the devices bent much easier than by accident. However, the network has massively discussed how copied to the disrepair of the device by simply putting it in your pocket skinny jeans.

The problem was especially strong for the iPhone 6 Plus. Obviously, due to the actual large size, it turned out to be easier to bend than a small device.

Moreover, for a larger screen, the models have a large set of features that do not cause irritation.

6. iPhone 7/7 Plus, black onyx (2016)

Polished under the glass of a metal smartphone, it was scratched so badly that it became scary

On the one hand, “black onyx” (aka Jet Black) was really beautiful. It shimmered in the sun, and it seemed that the device was made of glass, not metal.

On the other hand, polished The coating was very quickly covered with abrasions. and scratches of varying severity. They became reluctant to use.

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7. iPhone 8/8 Plus (2017)

Against the background of the iPhone X, which was released in the same year, they looked like hello from the distant past.

Remembering the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus today, I would like to note that they were not frankly unsuccessful. However, in 2017, against the background of the iPhone X, they looked strict.

8. iPhone 12 mini (2020)

The format of a small smartphone turned out to be very unclaimed, so he did not become interested

When Apple introduced the mini line of smartphones, it looked like they were sure to find their place in the sun. But they sold very badly and were not in demand.

Not surprisingly, in 2022, small devices were abandoned in favor of large companies.

9. iPhone SE (2022)

As stupid and useless today as a hello from the past, as much as possible

Far from the cheapest device with frame catcher and fixed format, which Apple has long abandoned. It’s amazing how the phenomenon even happened in 2022.

10. iPhone 14/14 Plus (2022)

Unreasonably expensive smartphones with a discovered set of specifications

Unsuccessful iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus happened due to last year’s feature setas well as a fairly high margin, which is not so different from the Pro line.

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⊕ 10 Really Best Apple Smartphones of the Last 15 Years

1. iPhone (2007)

It was the first iPhone that became one of the most important events of the new millennium and changed the world

Yes, the very first iPhone was not visible in terms of specifications and other features. But he generally as shown on mobile devices..

Its exceptional feature turned out to be a capacitive touch screen with fingertip feel. There was nothing like it on the market then.

2. iPhone 3Gs (2009)

The device can be made due to the large number of errors of the first pairs of Apple smartphones.

iPhone 3Gs started working on the bugsallowed in the iPhone 3G. Its case was not scratched, it worked very quickly and supported all the technologies relevant to the market.

3. iPhone 4s (2011)

One of the most successful smartphones in the history of Apple, which had almost no cons

An unrivaled device that successfully combined premium materials and state characteristics.

The main thing, unlike the advanced one, the iPhone 4s used a well-thought-out antenna design that could not be blocked.

The device worked very quickly, took cool pictures and just made me happy in the daily collection.

I myself consider the iPhone 4s the most successful acquisition of Apple for all the time the company has been holding. The real standard.

4. iPhone 5s (2013)

An incredibly successful device that successfully coped with various models and turned out to be super popular

After the release of the iPhone 5s, it became clear that each new numbered version of the Apple smartphone releases not only innovations, but also problems.

In all the villages, the misunderstandings of the suspects were corrected. Yes, they didn’t look as fresh, but noticeably more thoughtful.

iphone 5s today is also considered from one of the reference Apple smartphones precisely because of the occurrence of any problems.

5. iPhone 6s/6s Plus (2015)

Another work on the mistakes of previous models, which received a solid case and a good set of features

In order not to bend, as in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, in 6s and 6s Plus stronger aluminum used. This solved the problem.

Moreover, the devices used more modern features, which gave them the ability to work quickly and stably.

6. iPhone 7 Plus (2016)

The main feature of this model was the dual camera system with a module for accessing pictures.

iPhone 7 Plus has opened the possibility for fans of Apple smartphones to simultaneously using a pair of rear cameras at oncedesigned for different tasks: wide angle and telephoto.

Moreover, only after the release of this device, competitors subsequently gained attention to this feature and began to appear in their smartphones several times on cameras.

7. iPhone X (2017)

A real revolution in the world of Apple smartphones with a frameless design and a camera system for face detection

iPhone X has changed the way Apple smartphones look. The device received a completely completely different format: it lost its frames, instead of a print, it accurately began to read the user’s face.

Moreover, in order to achieve a premium gadget, Apple also began to use polished surgical steel. Today it is also used in all flagships.

It is surprising that none of the researchers has made such a convenient and secure user authentication by face.

8. iPhone Xs Max (2018)

Apple’s first truly gaming smartphone, which for many has become the replacement for tablets

When the iPhone Xs Max came out, it became completely clear that Apple no longer intends to focus only on compact smartphones. He was big and very complex.

Quite possibly, with something truly extraordinary compared to other devices, it did not stand out, but it was as balanced and stable in the game as possible.

9. iPhone 12 (2020)

One of the most optimal Apple smartphones to this day – due to the high price today, it is especially attractive

Today it is the best device in terms of value for money. Him no cons but lots of pros: From a quality OLED screen to sufficient performance.

10. iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max (2022)

The most almost technological Apple smartphones at the moment without cons, but with a large set of nice chips

The apogee of the development of Apple smartphones today with massive cool chips.

Certainly, Dynamic Island attracts the most attentionwhich replaced the standard cutout for the front camera system and other sensors.

However, he is also interested in cameras and fast hardware.

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10 best and as many worst iPhones of all time in a nutshell

Useless Models: iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 Black, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Black Onyx, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 14 & 14 Plus, iPhone GP 2022.

The best Apple smartphones: the very first iPhone, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Apple smartphones really divided the world into “before” and “after”. However, it is important to understand that there were plenty of not-so-successful models in the iPhone variety. Some had obvious flaws, others just didn’t hit the market.

Interestingly, really successful Apple gadgets are released only once every 2 years. disappeared attention?

However, everything described above is only a personal opinion, one can argue with the species. By the way, for this review of comments.

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