The investors of the Gigant IT project, the chairman of the supervisory board of X5, Petr Demchenkov, the co-founder of Hoff, Mikhail Kuchment and Kekh Ekommerts LLC, filed a lawsuit against the founders of the service in the St. Petersburg Court of Arbitration and the Leningrad region. They suspect that the partners committed fraud and led the company to near bankruptcy. The amount of the claim exceeds 168 million rubles, Izvestia learned.

Investors filed a class action lawsuit against the founders of Gigant for 168 million rubles

Gigant LLC shares are currently owned by Avito (KEH Ekommerts LLC and Avito Holding LLC), Startup Laboratory LLC, Mikhail Kuchment and Petr Demchenkov.

Mikhail Kuchment said that the founders managed to attract good investment to the project. However, instead of developing the company, “Denis Reshanov and Mikhail Valkovsky chose to withdraw funds from the business by creating an affiliated company and essentially turning it into a profit center,” the businessman emphasized.

Additionally, investors discovered that Gigant had unreasonable expenses in 2021-2022, which are important for investing in an investment asset.


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Source: RB

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