Folding phones are one of the biggest bets in this market segment regarding technological advancements. SAMSUNG An expected change in Galaxy Z Flip 5, one of the companies that dominate this market and one of the models expected to become reality in 2023, has just been announced.

Frankly, we are not talking about a leak where all the details of this phone are known, but it turned out that one of the big changes that this Samsung team will include. This will be nothing but inclusion a much larger external display more than the model currently in stores uses. It’s a significant improvement and this will result in a pretty remarkable improvement in usability, which is a pretty positive thing when talking about a model with a folding panel.

This is sensible pressure for Samsung

According to known data, the Korean company will leave the 1.9-inch screen behind and integrate it into a new screen. I would come at three. We are talking about a significant improvement that will allow us to see the information in much greater detail, and also the usefulness of this component can be greatly increased. And luckily, this does not mean any changes to the software, as the operating system will work as it has until now.

Screenshots of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


What will inevitably happen will be one design change The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 will always have the greatest possible appeal and at the same time, since the area occupied by the external display will be larger and in this case it must be handled in a certain way. durability component is the best possible). The fact is that if this is confirmed, the firm considers this panel to be a very useful element and that it might be better to increase its size – among other things – in many cases, turn on the phone and at the same time perform quick actions.

Other changes expected in this model

Without changing the shape of the screen curvature, improving its resistance and operation, it seems pretty obvious that Samsung’s other goals are to increase the load on the screen. drum The device we are talking about and which will be announced in 2023. component amperage increases.

For the rest, the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is sure to remain among the most powerful on the market, so it’s okay to bet on a Qualcomm processor. In addition, it is possible that this time it is one. better in the part photographic… a necessary thing to stay in the high-end assortment.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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